Voicent – Text Messaging Software

Do you own a credit/lending business and constantly needs to reach out to your customer? If yes, I bet you have experienced the hassle of reminding your customers about their dues using the old fashion way. Tedious right?But with the advent of modern technology, the known hassle has been eliminated. We now have several autodialer system and so far, the best known product is from VOICENT.
VOICENT offers the Broadcast By SMS marketing. This is a state of the art automated text messaging software that can be customized in many ways that will suit your needs. With this software, you can send automated text messages to a small or large groups. It also offers a two way communication between the software and the recipients of the text message. You can also use this to market your products and reach out to your prospect clients/customers.
There are a lot of advantages when you use BroadcastBySMS over other automated text messaging software. One key feature of using this software is that it is considerably user-friendly. By being user-friendly, you can set-up your message in less than 3 steps and then after setting it up you can send the bulk of your message in just one click. Sounds easy, right? Its user interface is similar to Microsoft Excel – which is also quite intuitive to use. If you have a list of your recipients saved in .CSV form, you can easily import them to BroadcastBySMS as it is compatible with spreadsheet files. You can also schedule the broadcast of your messages in this software – and you can also set a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly recurring messages!
One thing that is also noteworthy about this software is that the reporting is realtime. You can check the status of the messages and it will include the time stamp of each message. It also allows recipient to send response back and displayed in the status column.That will definitely help you with your strategies to boost your revenue or efficiency for some.
Setting up this software is also fast! You just need to have a Windows desktop or laptop, a text messaging plan from you preferred carrier and a GSM SMS modem or a smartphone. When you have all of the above mentioned items, download and install the BroadcastBySMS software, set-up the modem and everything is a go.
When you are looking for an efficient and productive software for your business, you can head out to Voicent’s website and you can check out other products that they offer. They also provide trial software so that you can test it before the actual purchase.